The Local Group of ATTAC Maroc, denounces the behavior of local authorities in Ksar El Kebir towards our legal profile

ATTAC Morocco                                                                                     KSAR EL KEBIR 5 September 2016

Member of the Committee for

the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt



The local group of ATTAC MOROCCO, KSAR EL KEBIR branch, on Saturday 16 July 2016, held a general meeting in the citizens’ participation hall at the Palace of Culture for the renewal of its office, in accordance with the provisions of its statutes and in respect of the regulatory law of associations.

The office issued from the general meeting has carried out all the common legal procedures for the renewal of the legal receipt, through the deposit of the association’s profile with the local authorities in the city, in respect of the legal deadlines specified by the law in such cases. However, the local authorities refused, until this day, to hand us the legal receipt for the deposit of our legal profile, thus following procrastination methods and the justification of orders as being issued from a “superior authority” without having any idea what this “superior authority” is.

The Local Group of ATTAC Maroc in Ksar El Kebir, Which includes a group of young people, who want to establish a movement for people’s education and support of just struggles and introducing them to people,  considers that this attempt to restrict the work of the association falls within the context of a massive decline of democratic freedoms in the country, freedoms which have become the monopoly of the followers of the prevailing liberal discourse which justifies the destruction of all the social and democratic gains. Such restriction is suffered by a number of militant organizations which are loyal to the interests of the people.

The Local Group of ATTAC Maroc, denounces the behavior of local authorities in Ksar  El Kebir towards our legal profile, declares to the local, national and international public opinion that we :

  • Assert the right to obtain the receipt of our legal profile;
  • Hold responsible the local authorities in the region for the violation of the legal regulations to constraint our work;
  • We carry on the implementation of our militant, education and solidarity programmes;
  • Assert our right to use all the procedural, legal and militant means to obtain our right;
  • Call upon all the militant organizations both at the local and national levels, being our co-militants, and our friends across the world to support us and gather around a programme to withstand the targeting of voices defending the rights of citizens to freedom, democracy and social justice.


Local Office

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