Neither prevention nor repression will stop our struggle against liberal policies

Marrakech authorities prevent ATTAC/CADTM morocco from the organization of its twelve (12) spring university

Neither prevention nor repression will stop our struggle against liberal policies


Marrakech authorities proceeded today to the prevention of ATTAC Morocco organization to organize its spring university scheduled from 08 to 10th April 2016. In this morning, April 08 2016 , Marrakech authorities informed hotel owner that no conference or workshop are allowed to be organized in his hotel. Despite the fact that ATTAC Morocco, did all the administrative procedures and submitted all the required legal documents.  The prevention decision had been communicated orally, without giving any reason or give prevent writing and without any legitimate basis. Which it has been documented by a court commissioner.
ATTAC Morocco, legal/registered association, exposed for more than ten years to frequent prevents and systematic narrowing of its activities and the refuse of the use of public housings. In addition, the authorities is still refusing to renew the deposit of legal registration. Authorities in Bouznika and Agadir had previously hindered, a month ago, our association to organize the international assembly of the International Network of the Committee for the Cancellation of Third World Debt, by refusing to allow us to use the public as well as private housings. Thus, the assembly where moved to Tunisia.
ATTAC Morocco is tightfitting to its simple right to legal existence strongly condemns this ban, which comes in the context of the current offensive of Moroccan authorities on public freedoms and declares the following:


  • Condemns all forms of harassment faced by our organization, both in its own right in the renewal of registration deposit, or the right to use public and private housings.
  • Greets local organizations in Marrakech for their solidarity, and the opening of their headquarters doors for the organization ATTAC spring university.
  • declares Solidarity with all friendly organizations that suffer, like her, of prevention and harassment, and our call to organize a collective response to authorities’ attack on the right to organize.
  • Requests all organizations and associations to form a bloc to stop this offensive of the state on freedoms and rights in order to pass their austerity policies dictated by foreign decision-making enters of the international financial and trade institutions and the imperialist powers



National Secretariat

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